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Well let me try to explain how all this madness started. If I remember correctly (some days were a haze), I grew up in Sunny San Diego, near creaks, mountains, and a lot of run down back yards, so me and my friends would always find our native reptiles, bring them home (without the jefa knowing of course), and risk the consequences for our devious actions =) Well, now as an experienced reptile lover/owner, it opened my heart to open my doors to unwanted reptiles. lately I've seen an increase in abused, neglected, or unwanted reptiles, that, as a reptile lover, directed me to try my best to build a reptile loving community, that i can re-home reptiles that people can't care for anymore. I need all the help and support from all I can, if your a reptile owner, and lover, lets share our thoughts, and open our hearts, to these reptiles that are being let go in valleys, mountains, or given to inexperienced reptile owners.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Albino Nelson Milk snake

A gorgeous variety showing the full albino splender of brilliant wide-banded red or red-orange coloration. The extreme intensity of the albino red colour is a result of the naturally occurring shade of cherry red coloration that is unique to L. triangulum sps. from the central west coast lowlands of Mexico.

Albino Cali King

Californian Striped King

Pueblan Milk Snake

The Pueblan Milk Snakes is a small species growing up to a maximum of 3ft. Although these are small snakes, they make up for this in colour, they are banded with black, white or cream and red body, the head is black, often with a white or cream snout. They make an ideal starter snake and have an excellent temperament. They should definitely be added to any collection, as they are stunning in colour!

Western Hognose -

The Western hognose is fast becoming one of the herp keepers favourite snakes, it will never rival the scale that the corn snake is kept, but is very popular in its own right, why you may ask? Its easy to see, once you have had one of these snakes for any length of time how endearing they are! Their cute little noses, their easy going nature and apart from just after very first hatching they feed easily too and are not fussy what they eat. They are also relatively easy to breed!

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